The article in Harvard Business Review titled: “Please Touch the Merchandise” shared compelling research and conclusions about the role of touch in sales, notably:

“Consumers use their hands to connect with brands.”


“Touch can also create symbolic connections between people and products.”

What connections are you making with your clients? What tactile message are you sending in your direct mail? Invitations? Pocket Folders? Thank You Cards and Invitations?

Are your campaigns and informational tools inviting people to connect with your company vision?

How many pieces of marketing material, print, mail, and packaging does a person touch every day?

Scientific Answer: A lot.

Is there a cost-effective way to make your correspondence spark a second look?

Exciting Answer: Yes.

Here are a few tactile options offered by Barnhart Press:

Create a campaign that shines and shimmers in layers.


Hold their attention longer with tactile finishes that contrast. For example a velvety, soft touch laminate that heightens the pop of a spot gloss effect.

Make it personal. Yes! Include variable copy or images to separate target groups, lists, or even down to the individual.

Of course this medium, the lovely web, is no match for the dimensional products we’re talking about.

Contact us for samples that shine. Call us with your brilliant idea. Come by and let us show you the technology we have in house to ensure your next project connects sensibly.

 Be Sense-Able!