Soft Touch is the Hottest Touch Right Now

Soft Touch Lamination There is no doubt that the hottest trend in finishes is soft touch. Why? Well, first off...IT FEELS SO GOOD! Some describe soft touch as velvety. Some say suede. One thing about soft touch lamination, it’s undeniably…soft.  Here's a shout out to a few of the other top reasons soft touch works [...]

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Welcome to the Next Dimension

We love to show and tell about our dimensional UV and other tactile capabilities! Since we are uniquely equipped to provide printed pieces with maximum effect, Barnhart Press takes the brand recognition experience to another level. Let's work together to create your next campaign by connecting with consumer senses and creating long term impact. Barnhart [...]

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Use Your Senses!

The article in Harvard Business Review titled: “Please Touch the Merchandise” shared compelling research and conclusions about the role of touch in sales, notably: “Consumers use their hands to connect with brands.” Also: “Touch can also create symbolic connections between people and products.” What connections are you making with your clients? What tactile message are you [...]

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