Print and Promo Magazine is featuring Women in Print this month and we thought, what a good idea! So today we’d like you to meet some of the women that make up our print team at Barnhart Press.


We have a proud tradition of women in print in production, prepress, sales, accounting, and customer service. Including two 4th generation women of print families. Mardra Sikora, Wright Printing CEO, literally grew up in the shop, playing on the equipment, and helping in small ways from an early age.

Meet Sandra Barnhart

Sandra Barnhart is a fourth generation member of the Barnhart Press family. She also grew up helping with special projects and has done part-time work since 1970. She began her full-time print career “officially” in 1981. Since then she has worn many hats including scheduling, safety, purchasing, cutter and more, all predominantly production facing. Recently she’s taken all of that experience to the streets and is now customer facing as part of the Barnhart Press sales team.

There’s no way to narrow down all she’s learned but this lesson stands out, “There is always a solution, some way to get the job done.”

Sandra said that “Working with family, the constant learning, and the day-to-day diversity,” are her favorite parts of the job.

Most importantly

“My father was a great friend, teacher, and mentor. He taught me to work hard, care for all people, and do what is needed to get the job done.”

This is part of what makes the Barnhart Magic so special, years of commitment passed down through the generations. If you have a project that needs both creativity and experience, Sandra Barnhart will bring all of her passion to the task.

With over 100 years of print experience, learn more about our history here and about the exciting variety of technologies we offer.

*Update July 2019 Sandra Barnhart retired from Barnhart Press, on to her next set of adventures.