Digital Die-cutting – What Does That Even Mean?

Among the exciting new technologies recently acquired by Barnhart Press, digital die-cutting capability is among the most impressive! What does digital die-cutting even mean? First, a file goes from your imagination, via an electronic file, directly to the press.  The first step on the machine is create a DART, which is 3D printed just after [...]

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Digital Print Inkjet Technology Advantages

InkJet Advantages While at lunch during a conference of the National Print Owners Association, I sat among other owners and we enjoyed print-small-talk. While sharing details about our shops, my eyes lit up as I detailed the new technology on our floor. With a giddy smile, I looked around and said, “I’m sorry. My print-geek [...]

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Spotlight – Sandra Barnhart

Print and Promo Magazine is featuring Women in Print this month and we thought, what a good idea! So today we’d like you to meet some of the women that make up our print team at Barnhart Press.   We have a proud tradition of women in print in production, prepress, sales, accounting, and customer [...]

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A Peek from our Open House (Video)

Wow! On Feb 9, we had such a great time with over 120 people attending our open house. We showed off new technology, including digital print and foil, spot UV effects, and digital die-cutting. Plus, conventional foil/emboss, conventional offset presses, and Bobst die-cutters that span generations. Our favorite thing to show off? Our team! Our team [...]

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