Among the exciting new technologies recently acquired by Barnhart Press, digital die-cutting capability is among the most impressive!

What does digital die-cutting even mean?

First, a file goes from your imagination, via an electronic file, directly to the press.  The first step on the machine is create a DART, which is 3D printed just after where the paper feeds into the press. The DART creates the impression areas where the piece will score, allowing for an easier fold.  This video is showing an actual DART being created on the machine.


Next, The sheets are then laser die-cut. LASER DIECUT! Yes, an actual laser moves across the sheet and cuts it for precision, sheet to sheet perfection, and exciting integrity on the fine details.

Ultimately, what it really means is that your ideas have just found a medium.

Check out this video from Highcon to give you a few ideas regarding the capabilities of this machine.


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