Visitors and Visitor Policy

All visitors to Barnhart Press must register at reception, receive a visitor’s badge, and sign in. The staff member being visited then will be contacted. Visitors must remain in reception until the staff member arrives; visitors should be accompanied at all times, exception to routine contractor and/or prior arrangements made with employee sponsor and management. There is no open access to any part of the property at any time and visitors may be asked who they are and what their business is even after registration at reception.

Visitor Policy

  1. All guests should be pre-booked through employee. Employees will advise front office/reception of the date and approximate time of any expected visits/appointments and who to contact when the visitor arrives. Visitor’s passes/badges will be issued as part of the sign in procedure. Guests should be accompanied at all times.
  2. If a visitor arrives without having a pre-booked appointment, then the reception will attempt to contact the appropriate associate to see if he/she or anyone else is available to greet the visitor and conduct a tour or appointment. If the associate or no one else is available, the visitor cannot gain entry to building. *As of March 2020, no unscheduled visitors are allowed until further notice.
  3. All visitors are required to sign the visitor’s book and in doing so agree to Wright Printing/Barnhart Press visitor, security, and safety policies and procedures.
  4. Clients and their associated personnel arriving for press checks will sign in and be escorted by the salesperson or appropriate manager to the conference room. The salesperson or a manager will bring the press sheets to the conference room to check and approve and relay any changes back to the pressperson.
  5. Visitors are NOT permitted to take photographs inside the Wright Printing premises, unless discussed specifically with sponsoring employee and approved by a member of the management team. Dedicated cameras are NOT permitted onsite. Cell phone and laptops equipped with cameras are permitted in the front office area only and as previously stated photographs are not permitted without express permission.
  6. Visitors will be allowed on an exception basis onto the production floor with the approval of management and only after trained and in compliance with the appropriate site food packaging safety and hygiene procedures and shall be escorted at all times in manufacturing and storage areas.
  7. Please return the visitors badge and sign out at the completion of the visit.