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    Interested in employment?

    Wright Printing/ Barnhart Press is always on the lookout for trade craftswomen and craftsmen who don’t know the meaning of “That’s not my job.” People who are willing to do whatever is necessary for the customer and their coworkers, and are always up to learn something new.

    Lots of learning, in fact. We have a small but mighty team who are so excited about learning new things that they are willing to eat, sleep, and likely dream about the future of print.

    But it may be at odd hours, because we have all “the worst shifts” to fill in, so that we can meet our customer’s needs. This team includes every department, every shift, every print partner, and every customer. Our team will consistently build, teach, learn, share, rally, and work hard for each other. This thing only works if we are willing to lock arms and go in together.

    If you’re thinking, You know what? This actually sounds awesome. What do I do next? Fill out this application:

    Click here for our employment application.

    Alternatively, download the application and mail it, fax it to 402-341-8359, or call 402-609-5622 for correct department to email.  Note: applications submitted before January of 2020 will need to be resubmitted with current information for consideration of 2020 hiring requirements.