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Soft Touch is the Hottest Touch Right Now

Soft Touch Lamination There is no doubt that the hottest trend in finishes is soft touch. Why? Well, first off...IT FEELS SO GOOD! Some describe soft touch as velvety. Some say suede. One thing about soft touch lamination, it’s undeniably…soft.  Here's a shout out to a few of the other top reasons soft touch works [...]

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Print Geeks Chat it up on the AMA Podcast

Tom and Mardra joined the AMP Podcast hosted by the Omaha Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Listen in as we chat about direct mail, variable options, deciding print finishes, and more! […]

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Welcome to the Next Dimension

We love to show and tell about our dimensional UV and other tactile capabilities! Since we are uniquely equipped to provide printed pieces with maximum effect, Barnhart Press takes the brand recognition experience to another level. Let's work together to create your next campaign by connecting with consumer senses and creating long term impact. Barnhart [...]

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The Science of Paper Choice

Science of Paper Choice Print, in the simplest terms, is ink on paper. If you consider ink or paper simple. Today, let’s focus on two points, weight and color, to narrow down the right paper for your market and message. Feel of the Sheet The power of touch is an extremely powerful communicator of brand [...]

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New Technology Feature: Polyfoil

WHAT IS POLYFOIL? The short version is: Polyfoil is a technique to foil imprint upon coated sheets using polymer, foil, pressure, and UV curing. The result is a raised foil imprint that is applied without a die. How it works: Each sheet requires printed dots for the machine to read the registration. Poly is laid [...]

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